Year 6 Legacy Project / School Outdoor Chess Board

Wellbeing and Positive Education



Year Six Legacies have been a tradition at this school for many years. As well as leaving a lasting memento of particular groups of students, it is an opportunity for students to express their gratitude to the school community for all the opportunities they have had.

For our 2015 Year Six Legacy we will be renovating the old paving stone chessboard that was near the hall. Students will design their own mosaic pattern/picture and mosaic the pavers that are still in good condition. These will be laid with the 2014 ‘Friends Garden Seat’ and the ‘Positive Affirmation Signpost,’ to form a new ‘Friendship Space’.

 ‘Bunnings’ has generously donated the adhesive, the grouting and some tiles. If you can help out by donating any unwanted wall tiles (not really thick ones, the old Johnson type tiles are best) you may have lying around it would be much appreciated.

 A big thank you to Leanne Jacobs and the 6L students for the time and effort they have put into creating our new outdoor chessboard and checkers board. These were done as a maths area activity and have been painted on the concrete area between the two main buildings if you haven’t already noticed them. They are not quite complete, but will be ready for use soon, so watch this space.