Community Consultation Reporting and Feedback

Community Consultation Reporting and Feedback

 The following is a list of what we, as a school community, have achieved in the area of student wellbeing over the past four years. Thankyou so much to everyone involved in making these goals a reality. Whether you attended a parent information night, gave feedback, filled in a questionnaire, attended your child’s three-way conference, attended festivals and                performances, became involved in a committee, or contributed in any other way to our school culture, you all played a part in the enhancing the wellbeing of the students in our school.

 The following list is quite a long one, however as my children are fond of telling me, no one’s  perfect, so of course there is always room for further improvement.

I would love to hear your suggestions about how we can continue to improve student wellbeing at our school. Please send your suggestions on hardcopy or email to either Maria Shearn or Sue Jackson, titled‘Suggested goals for Wellbeing 2016-2019’

 I really look forward to hearing your ideas.

 What we have achieved…

* Identified / audited the personal learning that we are already doing at EBPS across all year levels

* Teacher reviews indicate personal learning objectives and activities at every year level

* Developed Social and Emotional Learning program incorporating range of material,  activities addressing VELS personal learning objectives

* Creation of SEL foldersfor junior, middle and upper school - incorporating KidsMatter focus areas, * Bounce Back Program activities, Positive Education activities and bullying response resources, including EBPS Safe School Policy

* Regular staff forums for discussion around student wellbeing and positive education

* State grant to fund the creation of a Snakes and Ladders game based on resilience and anti-bullying

* Students in years 4-6 developing personal learning goals

* 3-way conferences conducted between students and parents show casing students’  achievements

* Senior Students Leadership positions engaged in making decisions affecting school activities and curriculum

* New ‘wellbeing’ student leadership team set up to assist in developing wellbeing activities and resources

* Regular articles and suggestions about wellbeing in fortnightly newsletter

* Parent information nights held on restorative practices, positive education and Cybersafety

* Student sessions held on Cybersafety for years 5 and 6

* Students in years 5 and 6 complete VIA strengths test

* Parent engagement policy documented and ratified

* Safe school policy substantially enhanced with parent consultation, documented and  ratified

* School website upgraded with expanded links and user friendly interface


* Communications committee regularly reviewing communications between parents and school

* Enhanced community involvement through Farmer’s Market

* Created documents and processes around the concept ‘Every Day Counts ‘ and ‘Every    Minute Counts,’ promoted throughout the school and discussed at staff meetings

‘Every Day Counts and Every Minute Counts promoted through the newsletter

* A small decrease in absentee data between 2013 and 2014

* Audit of current books / resources and the creation of a centralised resource area for       wellbeing in the BER building

* New ‘well being’ section set up in the Junior Library

* New well being books / resources purchased

* Staff attendance at professional developments on positive education

* Positive education material purchased and read by all staff for both teacher knowledge and classroom use e.g. What is Positive Education? Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

* KidsMatter focus group formed and training for component one completed

* Staff and parent on-line questionnaires completed and aggregated

* Staff professional development part one/component one of KidsMatter training completed

* Participated in a ‘Bullying Research Project’ conducted by University of S.A.


Possible Future Goals

*Teachers to implement personal learning activities in their classes with parents to contribute to the East Bentleigh Snakes and Ladders game

* Completion of Professional development of KidsMatter component one, ‘A Positive SchoolEnvironment’ and the development of an action plan

* Implement component one KidsMatter action plan- a positive school environment

* Commence staff training for KidsMatter component 2

* Continue to provide professional development to teachers and parents around well-being and personal learning

* Ratify Every Day/Minute Counts documents and implement throughout school


Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean - Ryunosuke Satoro