Student Wellbeing Team and Peer Mediators

Student Wellbeing Team

The Student Wellbeing team thought you might like to hear about what we have achieved this year.

This year is the first year we have had a wellbeing team, so we were finding our way a bit and perhaps didn’t achieve all we planned. Here are some of the things we did achieve.

* We set up the competition for drawing the snakes for the Snakes and Ladders game, including

advertising at assembly, creating posters and reminding teachers.

* We went through the enormous number of entries, shortlisting and eventually choosing the

winners of the ‘Draw a Snake’ Competition.

* We helped to create the instructions for teachers in regard to making the cards for the Snakes

and Ladders game.

* We looked at the 24 character strengths and chose the twelve we thought were the most

relevant to East Bentleigh Primary and developed a plan for junior, middle and senior levels

for teacher feedback.

* We created a certificate for awards, based on character strengths, to be handed out at


* We created documents with a description of each strength for teacher use.

* We helped in the development and compiling of the Social and Emotional Learning folders

for teachers.

* We helped to create some of the articles for the school


* We helped in replenishing and tidying yard duty folders.

* We researched and printed bullying audits for each level

of the school and are planning to carry these out before the

end of the year.

Another idea we had was to visit younger classrooms and teach them about bullying and other wellbeing issues.

We wish next year’s leaders all the best.  - Oliver K., Louis M., Callie M. and Tara M.

East Bentleigh Snakes and Ladders Game

The Student Wellbeing team will be helping to choose the cards and board comments for the

Snakes and Ladders game. We haven’t yet received any ideas from parents, but we’re still

really hopeful. If you have any ideas for situations, scenarios or strategies for our board

game, please email our teacher -


Peer Mediators

As Peer Mediators we are part of the well-being team. This year our duties were to:

* Complete our training booklets to help us know how to deal with small yard problems.

* Take turns at being on duty in the junior school playground so that littlies can come to us if

they can’t sort out an issue.

* Help younger children get to line on time.

* Hand out raffle tickets during recess and lunch to children who are playing nicely, helping

others, speaking kindly, being fair and being co-operative.

* Meet each Monday to discuss any issues or problems.

* Sort the raffle tickets into their correct boxes every week.

* Organise small prizes for the yard raffle.

* Draw the yard raffle at assembly for both prep to year three and year four to year six.

* Give ideas at assembly about the best way to receive a ticket.

We hope next year’s peer mediators have fun and do a good job. Willow L., Annie, Alanna and Grace