Snakes and Ladders Game

How Exciting!!

Here is a preview of our new East Bentleigh Snakes and Ladders board game. All the snakes were drawn by children, but have been rendered in brown and white. Thank you to our very talented  graphic designer, who has been collaborating with me.

All our classes are busy coming up with ideas for the ‘Treasurebox’ (personal qualities that get you through tough times), the ‘Toolbox’ (strategies you can be taught to manage difficult situations) and for the board itself, (situations that make you move forwards or backwards). Below are some examples from our children.

Tool box

* You said ‘Hi’ and smiled at someone who is not one of your friends. Move forward two places.

* You realise that it is unfair on others to change the rules of a game while you are playing.

Move forward one space.

Tool box

* Instead of getting angry when you didn’t get your way, you did some deep breathing to

calm down. Roll again.

* When someone called you a name, you put a lid on your bucket, walked away and didn’t

worry about it. Go up the nearest ladder.


* Your friend didn’t let you play so you kicked them and walked off. Go back two places

* Someone took your football. You snatched the ball and kicked it in their face. Go down the

nearest ladder.

We’d love some parent ideas as well. Then we’ll be ready to collate our ideas, choose around forty that aredifferent from each other and we’ll be off to the printer, (or nearly).

Please write your ideas down and send them with your child to give to either me, or their class teacher. We’re     aiming for a real community effort, so get those board game thinking caps on; I can’t wait to hear from you!!!