Positive Education - Personal Space

Personal Space

Ever experienced that person who just seems to stand too close, they feel ‘in your face’ and it’s darned uncomfortable.


Kids need to be taught about personal space, as it doesn’t always come naturally.  Most children just want to touch everything and everyone as they learn about the world around them. However everyone needs a space that is ‘just theirs.’


One visual cue for young children is to have them spin in a circle with their arms outstretched. This is their personal space or their bubble. Discussing whom they might let into that bubble is important: mum, dad, grandma etc. Help your child with suggestions as they decide who should and shouldn’t be in their personal space.


Include in your discussion about when it is ok to be in someone else’s personal space. For example lining up at school, or sitting together on the floor. Help your child to imagine everyone’s personal bubble as they interact with others.


Every adult can teach children about boundaries and personal space by    modeling the behavior they’d like to see, discussion and interactive play. Children need to learn about personal space as they grow and develop. It is another important social skill for academic success.