Wellbeing at EBPS

Last Thursday evening we held the first of two sessions on Positive psychology/education. The aim of these sessions is to give parents an insight into positive psychology/education and how all the elements can be taught, even to very young children. We looked at the benefits of teaching these skills to children and indeed the benefits we ourselves gain from these practices.

We covered the PERMA model- positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

We all discussed laughed, joked, shared and listened to each other’s experiences and generally had a great time. Personally it was wonderful getting to learn a little more about our amazing parents.


Below are some thoughts from two of our wonderful attendees.


Tania Ennor

Last Thursday, I spur-of-the-moment decided I would attend Lee's positive psychology talk. There is nothing 'spur-of-the-moment' about this Thursday. For this second session, I am there with bells on. And I'm hauling my Mum along. Also wearing bells.


The stuff Lee had to say immediately resonated. She talked about conscious shifts in communication that seemed practical - even better - achievable! Simple, mostly tiny tweaks, that can so obviously make for big, positive change. Things that seem so obvious in a state of mindfulness yet so easily forgotten.

It makes my heart sing to think that our kids are being taught this stuff. We should all know about this stuff! Practical tools that promote resilience, mindfulness, gratitude for simple joys - and with that, develop a sense of wellbeing. Have you heard about filling buckets? Ask your kids! Read the newsletters! The concept of a bucket that can be filled with feedback of the positive kind, or is dipped into in response to the negative, is a powerful, tangible one. That we could choose to put an imaginary lid on a bucket to preserve its fullness is a notion that has stayed with me all week. 


Catriona Laverty

I attended the Positive Education Parent Workshop part 1. The handouts from the evening have been a great reference. Each day I naturally think of how I could do better in how I parent and how to stay true to my values, though I find that life often get's in the way of this! Lol. The handouts are an easy go-to, to gently help me re-focus and recognise my strengths and weaknesses. I find that I have been motivated by the simply steps outlined to feel content and grateful for the life my family and I are so fortunate to have.


I will also thank Maria for kindly looking after my children on the night. They were so excited to have the head teacher taking care of them and had a wonderful evening at the school.

I look forward to seeing you again this Thursday.


So if you, on the spur of the moment, would like to attend tonight’s session, please come along. Attendance at last Thursday’s session is not a prerequisite and we would love to see you there.