What does mental health mean to you?

How many of us think of a deficit model when we think of mental health?

Stress, depression, medication, darkness, breakdown, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, psychologists, psychiatrists, the list goes on.

What comes to mind when we think of physical health?

Almost everyone has a positive model when it comes to physical health.
Exercise, gym, healthy eating and nutrition, good sleep patterns, good hygiene.
Have the conversation at your house. Talk to your partner, your children, your neighbours, your friends. What model do they use when defining mental health?

Positive Education

Someone mentioned to me the other day that stressed spelt backwards was desserts. Who doesn’t enjoy dessert? Add a little dessert to each and every day and teach your children to as well. It’s good for our mental health. Here are some examples of what you might do:

* Get up earlier each morning and reflect, meditate, or just sit quietly
* Make time to be with friends who are supportive
* Eat healthy food and fill your body with nutrients
* Watch a funny movie, or watch something you know will help you smile Laugh…heartily
* Be mindful of nature and the changes around you. Just notice what’s happening in your garden at the moment.
* Make time to notice the little things.
* Surround yourself with positive and affirming people.
* Give someone a compliment
* Get involved with a cause you believe in
* Take a dance class
* Go to bed earlier
* Reminisce about good times
* Ask for help
* Help someone else
* Go for a walk with a friend
* Practice stretching, yoga or relaxation skills.
* Breathe deeply

“No one can change a bad beginning, but anyone can start now and create a successful ending.” Aishwarya Singh

Lee Jellis - Student Wellbeing Coordinator