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Task One

There are the 24 character strengths that have been identified as universally valued across cultures and throughout history. All 24 strengths exist within each of us. Research has shown we can develop the strengths we value most.

Our task this week is to discover the strengths that come most naturally to us, often called our signature strengths.

Because they come so naturally to us, we often find it difficult to recognise them within ourselves. Bearing this in mind, we are going to call on friends and family to help identify our signature strengths.

The 24 Character Strengths are:

  1. Curiosity/Interest
  2. Love of Learning
  3. Open mindedness/Judgement
  4. Creativity/Originality/Ingenuity
  5. Perspective
  6. Bravery/Valour
  7. Persistence/Industry/Perseverance
  8. Honesty/Integrity/Authenticity
  9. Zest/Enthusiasm
  10. Capacity to love and be loved
  11. Kindness/Generosity
  12. Social Intelligence/Friendship
  13. Teamwork/Citizenship/Loyalty
  14. Fairness/Equity/Justice
  15. Leadership
  16. Forgiveness/Mercy
  17. Modesty/Humility
  18. Prudence/Caution/Discretion
  19. Self-control/Self-regulation
  20. Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
  21. Gratitude
  22. Hope/Optimism
  23. Humour &Playfulness
  24. Spirituality/Faith/Sense of Purpose


  1. Identify three people whose judgement you trust.
  2. Ask each one individually to read the 24 strengths listed and to choose five they believe ‘sum you up.’
  3. Now you choose the five you believe ‘sum you up.’
  4. Is there any strength chosen by all of you? Have friends and family identified any strength that surprises you?
  5. Next take the VIA strengths test. This is found on the Authentic Happiness website of Pennsylvania University.
  6. Look at your results, in particular your top five signature strengths. Were there any surprises? Are there any strengths in common with those chosen by friends/family, or yourself?
  7. Observe yourself over the next two weeks. Which strengths do you see yourself using? Which strengths do you use the most? Which strengths energise you when you use them? Which Strengths feel like the real you?


“Discover your strengths, turn them inside out and use them like you would your favourite coffee cup, or your most comfortable pair of shoes. Why not, these strengths are yours and you should be intentional in how you use them."